Impact Report 2023

St Cuthbert’s College is 108 years old and is fortunate to be supported by a warm and connected community. Our powerful legacy of excellence in all areas of girls’ education would not be possible without our amazing teachers, but also without the support of our community – both parents and alumni.

This report is a celebration of your support in 2023. Through donations of time, treasure and talent we’ve been able to make a significant difference to St Cuthbert’s students’ learning and lives.

We are delighted to share in this report the many initiatives which were achieved through community donations this year. A huge thank you to those who came together to help deliver this incredible impact. We do hope you’ll enjoy reading about the difference you’ve made at St Cuthbert’s College.

Warm regards,

Leigh Melville,

Trust Board Chair,

St Cuthbert’s College

Your Impact in Numbers

Community Fundraising



Mountain Bikes

provided to Kahunui



sets provided to Kahunui




received some form of
scholarship in 2023*

*number of students who have received any level of financial aid or recognition.

Parents & Friends


Cups of tea



Sausage rolls




supported St Cuth's



Old Girls' Association


New Old Girls'

joining OGA in 2023



held by the OGA in 2023



featured in newletters



mentored at the
Careers Breakfast



attended the Decade

Junior School
Charitable Giving



Raised through non-uniform days to support the Ukraine Children's Hospital, Mobility Dogs & Starship

Charitable Giving



donations in
Term 3 alone

Senior School
Charitable Giving



Raised through non-uniform days to support the UCH (Ukraine Children’s Hospital) and Starship

The 2023 Annual Fund
Raised $261,528

Five fundraising initiatives were delivered

Digital Innovation Co-Labs

Performing Arts Audio
Recording Studio

Sports Recording Equipment

Staff Scholarship
Programme Enhancement

'The Every Girl' Initiative

Feeding Communities

An important part of the inaugural Gifting Amazing Annual Fund in 2023 was to donate a portion of the funds raised to social good. Our Chaplain, Rev. Francois Joubert, assessed charities with the Year 13 Service Committee and staff, determining that the ‘Communities Feeding Communities’ charity would be the beneficiary of the $25,000 raised from the overall donations.

Ensuring all students can achieve their best is at the heart of the Pōhutukawa Learning Centre. From supporting our youngest learners to read, to equipping our Senior students with life-long learning skills. Our learning specialists and teachers are dedicated to enabling access for all students to learn, contribute and participate in all aspects of school life. We not only care deeply about effective teaching of our students within our programmes, but we are also committed to advocating for them across the College. 

The support we have received has been transformative in helping us to support unique and developing minds. In 2023, our emphasis on professional development has enabled us to stay at the forefront of best practices in this specialised environment. Not only has this been of direct benefit to the students within our programmes but we are delighted that we have been able to share the knowledge within the wider St Cuthbert’s College community.

Donation of
Tax Credits

Thank you to the nine people who have generously donated their tax rebates back to St Cuthbert’s. We are humbled by the generosity not only of their original donations but also to give back to St Cuthbert’s the donation rebates.

Scholarships, Awards
and Financial Support

Help at St Cuthbert’s comes in many forms. This can include scholarships, awards, grants, and bursaries – all with the goal of ensuring that those who are in need or excelling in their student life have access to financial support or recognition.

For example, this could be provided to a student who requires a week in Boarding for compassionate reasons, someone who successfully attains a tuition scholarship or a student who is awarded a prize for excellence at end of year Prize Giving. St Cuthbert’s has a wide range of financial programmes and we would like to thank all of our donors who choose to support this area. Specifically, through the Gifting Amazing Annual Fund the ‘The Every Girl’ Initiative was supported in 2023. These funds contributed to students competing in sport at an elite level including Basketball, Swimming, Hockey, Netball, Football and Multisport. Funds were also made available to our top choirs and individuals competing in academic competitions.

new playground

A spectacular new Junior School playground thanks to donations from the Parents & Friends.

Your Gift of
Time and Talent

Our volunteers are the heart of the College leaving indelible marks around the school.

The core of this heart is the Parents & Friends’ committee. Every parent at St Cuthbert’s is a member of the Parents & Friends’ Association and in the centre of it is a small dedicated group of parents that forms the committee. Their members get together once a month to find ways to connect the parents to the school, engage them through events and fundraise for the benefit of our students.

They also organise and lead groups of volunteers for different purposes. If you look closely, you will find them in your class coordinators and House reps, as exam supervisors, as mentors at the careers breakfast, serving you at welcome morning teas, and storing the meals for when someone is in need of a helping hand.

A sub-group of the Parents & Friends is the Asian Friendship Group who bring cultural vibrancy to the school with special events. They also help with school communications to the Asian community.

The College and the entire community have the deepest gratitude for all the time and talent you have given to us!

Old Girls’ Association

Thank to every member of our Old Girls’ community who has made a donation in support of St Cuthbert’s this year, we recognise your contribution which signifies your enduring connection to the College.

Every student that leaves St Cuthbert’s is an automatic member of the Old Girls’ Association (OGA).

Decade Reunion Cocktail Party

The Old Girls’ Association held a truly memorable Decade Reunion on Saturday 10 June, with over 300 attendees from 32 different year groups. When guests needed to take a break from the dancefloor, they had the opportunity to view a specifically curated Archives display in the Atrium which featured photos, stories, uniform, and memorabilia from the last 100 years on campus.

Making Their Mark Awards

This year we hosted an extra special Making Their Mark Awards, which honour extraordinary Old Girls who really live our motto ‘By Love Serve’. Laughter, anecdotes, and camaraderie filled the air as we gathered at the Northern Club to celebrate this year’s inspirational winners. With over 100 Alumni, St Cuthbert’s senior management and staff, Trust Board members, family and friends it was certainly a night to remember! 

Year 13 Development

Thank you to the Year 13 Development Committee who donated their time in 2023, supporting the Old Girls’ Association Decade Reunion Cocktail Party and volunteering at other College events.

The Committee also ran a successful quiz breakfast to raise funds for Gifting Amazing.

We are never short of students willing to step up and volunteer to support events and activities, which is an excellent display of By Love Serve.

Alumni & Friends Events

Auckland (31 May)

Our successful inaugural Alumni and Friends event was held at the New Zealand Stock Exchange in Auckland, where Antonia Watson (CEO of ANZ) was our guest speaker. These events support our Old Girls, former staff and parents (past & present) to reconnect with one another.

Wellington (1 August)

St Cuthbert’s alumni Claire Trevett (Political Editor, NZ Herald) and Brooke van Velden (Deputy Leader of the ACT Party) gave wonderful speeches about their memories of the College, and how their experiences at school have helped shape their careers. Set in the unique setting of the Banquet Hall inside the Beehive, the St Cuthbert’s community came together on a typical blustery Wellington night, an incredible testament to the strong bonds that tie us together.

Dunedin (2 August)

Thank you to our wonderful Dunedin community for joining us on this snowy August evening at the University of Otago Staff Club in Dunedin. We had a warm gathering of recent St Cuthbert’s graduates who were treated to insights from Principal Justine Mahon and Old Girl guest speaker Professor Michelle Thompson-Fawcett,  Associate Dean Māori – Manupiki Māori at the University of Otago.

Christchurch (31 August)

Thank you to all who joined us at our Alumni & Friends Christchurch event. Old Girl and construction company Director, Hayley Groves, spoke about projects close to her heart, her career and life journey which have always been underpinned by our College motto, By Love Serve.

Old Girls' Association Events

Tonga (30 June)

It was wonderful to see members of our Tongan alumni community come together and catch-up with each other. This event was kindly organised by Ana Tupou Panuve, our local coordinator based in Tonga. Thank you also for the special closing prayer conducted by former Head Girl Sela Moengangongo.

Sydney (8 September)

It was a spectacular night at Little Felix with our Sydney community and so special to catch up with so many of or recent graduates whilst forging new connections with more well-established Old Girls. Please be on the look out for emails from our new local Sydney coordinators Greta Bennett & Charlotte Waalkens.

Brisbane (16 September)

Special thanks to local coordinator Trish Cotterell for organising these opportunities in Queensland for our alumni and community to reconnect and build new relationships.

Gold Coast (8 October)

Our Old Girls on the Gold Coast enjoyed a delightful luncheon on 8 October. The gathering was a wonderful blend of alumni from the 1960s, 1970s and 2010s. The event sparked engaging conversations, comparing the educational experiences of the early sixties and seventies with more recent times.

Literary Evening

The annual St Cuthbert’s Literary Evening is a hugely popular event for our alumni community. This year’s panel consisted of Old Girls involved in media, communications, and journalism – with a poet for good measure! Thank you to the Old Girls’ Association President, Kirsten McKenzie who put on this lively and entertaining evening.

Dads' Dinner

Raised Funds for Mountain
Bikes at Kahunui

We held a very memorable Dads’ Dinner on 26 May. Fundraising on the night resulted in the purchase of 27 new mountain bikes – 24 for St Cuthbert’s students and an additional three for teaching staff to be used exclusively on the Kahunui campus.

Kahunui, our Bay of Plenty campus, is key to a full St Cuthbert’s education and equips every girl with life skills for the real world. Every Year 10 girl spends a month at Kahunui which is a truly transformative experience they remember forever.

St Cuthbert’s is the only girls’ school to offer a residential life skills outdoor learning programme on a separate campus, which is designed to advance all levels of fitness – social, physical, emotional and intellectual. The wonderful team at Kahunui is now planning on building a dedicated mountain bike track soon.

With thanks to the parents of the 2023 Intakes, ongoing donations throughout the year for Kahunui have resulted in the centre being able to purchase four purpose-built bike racks. These were made specifically for the school vans so that the bikes could be taken out on trips, enabling the girls to enjoy the national trails in the Bay of Plenty area.

Mums'Night Out

On 18 October, P&F hosted this fun event.

Highlights of the night included catching up with friends over a delicious meal! Through event fundraising the attendees were able to support the purchase of additional kayaking equipment to support the water sports programs at our Bay of Plenty campus, Kahunui.

Our Connected

Our Junior School families enjoyed some old-fashioned fun earlier this year on a sunny and warm Autumn evening when we held the P&F Junior School Picnic on the Chapel Lawn. Sausage sizzle, candy floss, ice-cream, adopt-a-toy, and lawn games all added up to a lovely way to connect our families!

The Junior School girls (and parents) had a blast dancing the night away at the P&F Winter Wonderland Disco in August.

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival was a joint event organised by the Asian Friendship Group and the Chinese Cultural Group students. The performances, tea ceremony, calligraphy and mooncake making demonstrations, all showcased what a vibrant Asian community we have at the College!

Our annual Volunteers Morning Tea held in November was a lovely gathering where staff members brought in homemade treats to thank and appreciate all our volunteers for their generous donation of time and expertise through the year.


Our Rowing students are so grateful to the parents who have come together to raise funds for an additional St Cuthbert’s Rowing boat. It will make an incredible difference to this flourishing sports team in 2024 and beyond.

Food from the Heart

At any given time, there will be a family in our community who is going through a challenging time.

The Parents & Friends have started a Food From The Heart initiative where the family in need is given some meals to see them through or help make it just a little easier. Families are asked to bring in a few meals to put in the freezer when they are cooking/baking in bulk. Since its inception, we have already distributed some much appreciated frozen meals to the community. Our thanks to those who brought in food and a special thank you to Noel Leeming for generously donating a chest freezer for us to store these meals for distribution.


St Cuthbert’s College was established over 100 years ago. We have a rich association with families past and present and it’s always humbling when we receive gifts to our Archive from past pupils and their families, gifts we like to call ‘donations of treasure’.

A Boarder’s Autograph Book from 1913-1926

Received this year was an Autograph Book that belonged to Vera Dorothy Kidd (m. Laurenson). Vera was a boarder at St. Cuthbert’s from 1915-1917. Her father Alfred Kidd, was Mayor of Auckland 1901-03 and a Member of Parliament from 1905-08 and we are very grateful to Vera’s son, James Laurenson for his kind donation of this precious treasure.  The book contains signature, verse, and drawings from 1913-1926 from family members, friends and fellow St Cuthbert’s students and staff.  Please enjoy these snapshots of 1915 and 1916 boarders’ signatures and feel free to make an appointment with our Archivist should you like to view it or other treasures in the Archives.

Rare Footage from 1934 and 1935

This year our Archivist transferred rare film footage originally donated in 2006 by Mrs Anne Carpenter (née Cole 1939-1950). The footage was taken by her father in 1934 and 1935 of Prize Giving Ceremonies at St Cuthbert’s and includes footage of her sister Betty (Mary Elizabeth MacKenize née Cole 1934-1945). This is a version with captions edited by Mr Augustine from the Senior Library.  In June this year we learnt from daughter Liz Carpenter that her mother Anne had passed.  We are grateful to have this treasure from Anne in our Archives and to be able to preserve it by transferring it from obsolescing digital media to online storage, ensuring it remains accessible for future generations of the St Cuthbert’s community to enjoy.

If you would like to learn more about our archives please email

As well as donations of treasure to the archives of St Cuthbert’s we are fortunate to benefit from donation of volunteers’ time.

Pictured here are our first ever student archivists Emily Innes (l) and Dima Kanani (r) beside the joint Senior Library and Archives ANZAC Day Display.

In addition to our student volunteers, we are incredibly grateful to two Old Girls who have donated their time and assisted our Archivist, Sarah Padey, greatly this year. Our thanks to Ginette Adams Peer Year 1979 who researched the Mount Eden College Prize Giving lists from the Papers Past website in Term 1, 2023; and Sarah Stewart Peer Year 1988 who has been kindly coming in to the College on Thursdays to sort and identify class photographs and the Performing Arts programmes.




to Archives for
information & content



or copied items



donated to Archives

1st Ever


for International Archives Day

Student-led Fundraising
and Hands-On Service

Junior School Charity and Service Projects

Our Junior School girls learn the importance of Service and Charity from their first days at St Cuthbert’s College and feel very proud to be practising ‘By Love Serve’ each Term.

Each term they donate money raised from non-uniform days to a selection of charities and in 2023 they raised an impressive $2604 which was given to charities such as the Ukraine Children’s Hospital, Mobility Dogs and The Starship Foundation.

In Term 4 the girls undertake hands-on Service by undertaking jobs in their home, or the home of a neighbour or friend, to raise money for the Mobility Dogs. In Term 4 the girls raised an admirable $4977 which was greatly appreciated by the team at this charity close to the girls’ hearts.

Well done to all of our students across the College for their year-round By Love Serve spirit and action!

2023 Senior School House Service Projects:

Elgin – asked for donations of household items to donate to De Paul House

Melrose – the students held a service weekend and all Melrose parents paid $10 into their daughter’s school account which will be donated to the Painga Project (a charity run by Old Girl, Sarah Corson).

Lindisfarne – asked for donations of stationery and are also using their Chapel offering to purchase stationery donated to Manurewa East School

Iona – collection of sanitary products which will be donated to Girls in Need

York – students participated in a working bee at Communities Feeding Communities and the House have also donated their Chapel offering to this worthy cause

Kelso – students regularly visited residents at Elizabeth Knox and also held a job-a-thon, taking part in jobs at home to fundraise for a donation. These led to purchases of compression mattresses for Elizabeth Knox residents

Durham – students have created an online recipe book and the proceeds of which are going to African charity, So They Can

Dunblane – students are applying their Chapel offering to purchase mobile phones to donate to Shine, part of Presbyterian Support Northern, a domestic abuse support provider

Mufti Days and Foodbank Drives

Each term, girls donate cans and non-perishable food for Communities Feeding Communities through the Foodbank drive. The shelving and chillers which were fundraised through the Gifting Amazing Annual Fund 2023 store these items which are then distributed to those in need in the Mount Roskill area.

Christmas Gift Donations

In Term 4 a Christmas gift collection is organised. The gifts donated from the Junior School are given to Presbyterian Support Northern and the gifts donated from the Senior School are donated to charity our Chaplain selects with the Service Committee. In 2022 and this year this charity is the Women’s Refuge.

International Baccalaureate
CAS Projects

There are numerous CAS (standing for Creativity, Activity, Service) projects that our Senior School IB students undertake for their community service.  For example, in 2023 a group of students have a project called ‘Project for Youth’ and they are working hard to collect donations of second hand books in Term 4 which they will donate to Auckland Hospital and low decile schools.

IB CAS Service

The Habitat for Humanity is a wonderful example of how our students studying towards their IB qualification undertake Service as part of the curriculum. During weekly sessions, IB students sewed over 70 door snakes which were used to prevent draft and cold wind from coming through windows and doors, keeping homes warm. The door snakes are included in winter warmer packs which are sent out to homes in need. Our students also created posters to spread awareness of the housing crisis in New Zealand. During during the Term 3 holidays, a group of students partnered with Auckland City Mission to help build flatpack for transitional housing.

Donations To De Paul House

Year 13 Elgin students with duvets donated to De Paul House. This was part of the Elgin Service Project from their House Chapel Offering.

Donation to Elizabeth Knox Home and Hospital

Students from Kelso presenting a cheque of $4,261 to Elizabeth Knox for compression mattresses for their respite care patients. Kelso girls raised the funds by taking part in a job-a-thon in which they received money for completing jobs and chores for family and friends, this was topped up by money kindly donated from the Kelso House Chapel offering.

Project for Youth

Project for Youth was founded this year as a student led non-profit organisation with the motto of ‘empowering youth to connect, learn & give back.’ Like our school motto of By Love Serve, the main focus is to assist other students whom are passionate in the field of healthcare, science and giving back to the community. Currently, we are not only a club at our school but also an online platform which has successfully connected students internationally from New Zealand, South Korea, China, America and hopefully more.

Project for Youth members took part in “Stuffed with Love,” which was completed in Term 3. Here we all created handmade plushies for children at Starship to provide comfort and companionship for children during their challenging times. We were lucky enough to visit the children’s ward to distribute more than 20 plushies to young patients. This has become a core memory for Project for Youth as it was lovely seeing both the children excited and parents smiling.

Our other project, “Book Fairies”, a project that provides books for those in need in conjoint with our mini project “Markies” where bookmarks (with quotes and decorations) are made for Auckland Hospital senior patients and animal book marks for younger patients. Our thanks to Mrs Glengarry and Rev. Joubert for their help in distributing our collections to Owairaka District School. We hope this will promote literacy and a love for reading among youth as well as contribute to environmental sustainability by repurposing books.

Contribution thanks to students Huiseo Kim, Candy Tang, Yvonne Hsu and Yijia Chen

St Cuthbert’s College Old Girls’ Association

The OGA Committee is made up of an outstanding group of volunteers, who are committed to fostering a connected community through a variety of events and fundraising. Thank you first and foremost to the President of the Old Girls’ Association, Kirsten McKenzie, who has worked tirelessly and unbelievable hours, to promote Old Girl connections to the College. Kirsten has written newsletters, promoted online connections, and communicated with Old Girls far and wide. She has worked to improve our database, championed the College Archives, and led the distribution of Kahunui and Time Capsule letters. We simply cannot thank her enough for all that she has done. She has been supported by a fabulous committee that includes: Georgina Gilbert-Robertson, Simran Saseve-Dale, Minta Smith, Jennifer Ma, Rosanna Wu, Lizzie Judd, Sarah Vokes (née Keeley), Kate Bacchus, Lauren Jeffares, Ashvini Soysa and a long list of Old Girls’ who have donated their time to various projects.

The OGA helped facilitate over 12 events this year, fundraising for the Old Girls’ Association Chapel grounds. This included the New Old Girl Parents Coffee & Cake evening, Orsini Ladies’ Lunch, OGA AGM & Chapel Service, LinkedIn Evening with Kate Bacchus, Decade Reunion Cocktail Party, the Annual Literary Evening, Yr13 LinkedIn event, Making Their Mark, OGA Yoga sessions, the Leavers’ Service and Graduation Ball.

Watch the video from this special night

A super-sized, spectacular new playground thanks to donations from the Parents & Friends’ Association

With thanks to the Parents & Friends’ Association for their generous donation, as well as significant input from the College, in September we were able to open our new state-of-the-art playground in the Junior School. Playing is such an important factor in learning, and this playground, suitable for Year 0 upwards, will bring endless fun for years to come.

At the opening Principal Justine Mahon reminded us of the importance of playing quoting George Bernard Shaw, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.”

From design to completion, it’s been fantastic to have our Junior students involved with the entire process. Girls gave their input on what items they would like to see in their playground, and were of course, the first people to try it all out at our official opening in September.

Donation of tax credits

Thank you to the nine people who have generously donated their tax rebates back to St Cuthbert’s. We are humbled by the generosity not only of their original donations but also to give back to St Cuthbert’s the donation rebates.

Did you know that donations can be worth 33% more to the College’s projects – at no additional cost to you?

Registration takes less than five minutes and only requires a few details, our partner SuperGenerous will take care of everything else. The additional money the College receives from donation rebates wil be added to the Gifting Amazing Annual Fund and directly benefit St Cuthbert’s students.

Leigh Melville has been one of or generous donors. Since registering with Supergenerous the donations Leigh has made, over the last four years, were eligible for donation rebates. With the help of Supergenerous, Leigh’s donation rebates were gifted to St Cuthbert’s – making her original donations go even further for the students and school. Join Leigh, and other members of the board and Senior Leadership Team, to register with Supergenerous and gift your donation rebates to St Cuthbert’s.

Communities Feeding Communities

An important part of the inaugural Gifting Amazing Annual Fund in 2023 was to donate a portion of the funds raised to social good. Our Chaplain, Rev. Francois Joubert, assessed charities with the Year 13 Service Committee and staff, determining that the ‘Communities Feeding Communities’ charity would be the beneficiary of the $25,000 raised from the overall donations.

Communities Feeding Communities (CFC) provides a place and support for those in financial need to learn more about food and tend their own gardens. Its mission is to deliver food security, to nurture reciprocity and relationships through kai and to create a sense of belonging for all who visit their site at 1207 Dominion Road, Mount Roskill. 

The social good donation raised from the Gifting Amazing Annual Fund in 2023 enabled a Social Food Pantry to be established through the purchase of new equipment, appliances, shelving, as well as a wider range of food. When people from the local Mount Roskill community access the Social Food Pantry they will be able to work to a budget and choose food that is subsidised. As they ‘shop’ from the pantry the CFC team will have a someone walk alongside them as they make their choices, building a relationship with them, encouraging them to access the recipes they have developed and to learn more about meal planning to create affordable nutritious meals.

In August, we invited the team from CFC to attend our assembly where they were presented with the donation.

'The Every Girl' Initiative

‘The Every Girl’ initiative supports girls in financial need who have been asked to represent the College in co-curricular activities. This was a keenly supported fund and we’re thrilled to share that money raised has allowed girls from across a broad range of Year groups to attend events such as Netball, Football and Hockey tournaments; Big Sing and other choir festivals. Thank you for your support.

Staff Scholarship Programme Enhancement

Teachers and students at St Cuthbert’s truly are at the very heart of all we do. With thanks to the donations to the Gifting Amazing Annual Fund we were able to award significant staff scholarships which will bring enhancements back to students in 2024.

Victoria Mauala and Sally Chudzynski were awarded the staff scholarship prize in order to bring a world view back to our Junior School STEM learning. Victoria said, “Having this scholarship will enrich me, as well as other staff, in digital learning, and in a broader sense, also,  Apple Learning at St Cuthbert’s College. Bringing back the knowledge from the Apple Distinguished Schools conference and the STEM in Education Conference will elevate and promote the College as a destination to observe our programmes and skilled teachers. It will enhance the professional learning experiences for all Junior School staff and encourage professional growth. Underpinning this professional development opportunity is the welfare and achievement of our students. By building on our confident, innovative and creative teaching styles, we are encouraging the same for our students.” 

Importantly, a part of the conference addresses how neuro-diverse thinkers can benefit from advancement in digital learning. Victoria and Sally will investigate how using the accessibility functions woven into the devices, will allow our diverse learners to access new approaches which, in turn, will enhance their learning experiences as well as extend their creativity and thinking. 

Sally adds, “We are in charge of educating our students for an unknown digital future, for jobs that don’t yet exist. By awarding professional learning experiences through the Gifting Amazing Annual Fund Staff Scholarships we open up our teaching staff to new education  pathways, to best support our students’ future development. We seek to be innovators, at the cutting edge of advancements in this field. We believe our Junior girls will enter our Senior School armed with a depth and breadth of knowledge of how to activate and accelerate learning through digital devices.”

The Gifting Amazing Staff Scholarship will provide an exciting opportunity to develop the Publishing Project. The major objective of the Publishing Project is to nurture the student voice and the craft of storytelling in the Writing Programme.

Recipient Ros Ali, Director of Libraries and Head of the Writing Programme says, “Our goal is to publish in-house and establish St Cuthbert’s own imprint, involving students in composing, developing and publishing their work. Creating a special writing journal for students, supporting Margin, the student led publication, and experimenting with digital, print and multi-media forms will be at the heart of the project.”  

“Collaboration with writers and specialists in the publishing process, developing creative confidence and capturing our stories, will be invaluable for us all.”

Sports Recording Equipment

Donations to the Annual Fund enabled the College to purchase progressive sports recording equipment. These have been used on a weekly basis by both our Hockey and Football teams. The Go Pro recorded material is played back in analysis sessions to help improve players’ performance. St Cuthbert’s First XI football coach Sander Waterford shared, “It has been great for the girls to see themselves play and have an open discussion about what we are doing well, and what can be improve on. The camera software enables us to draw lines on the game overview to aid discussion about possible runs the students could make next time, or what position they could move to. Many of the girls hadn’t seen themselves play Football before we had the recording equipment and they’ve really enjoyed watching back their games.”

The equipment has also allowed our Hockey teams to learn and improve over the course of the season. Coaches Vic Methven and Tori Vao have used the footage during Hockey analysis with both Junior and Senior School teams across Terms 2 and 3 and say, “Being able to consult, with our teams of players, in training and games has really taken our Hockey insights to the next level. We can work with our athletes’ to show how their techniques can be adjusted for different outcomes. We’ve seen that the players who review their own performance from the video footage are able to quickly adapt both in training and on the field in important games. We have plans to use this much more in 2024 and beyond.”

It was terrific that the funds were raised in time for us to secure the equipment for the winter sports season. The coaches and managers of the Sports Department have been across this and building into their plans for execution across other codes within both the Senior and Junior Schools.

“We aim to run a session once every couple of weeks to go over their games. It’s amazing to see how the girls have improved as a result of the video sessions; the players are certainly recognising moments we have discussed as a team” Sander Waterford First XI Football Coach.

A New Audio Recording Studio in the Performing Arts Centre

Through donations to the Gifting Amazing Annual Fund, we have been able to commission a new Audio Recording Studio within the Performing Arts Centre; the first of its kind at St Cuthbert’s College. With an official opening in November we were delighted to share the new space with members of our community who had donated to Gifting Amazing Annual Fund. The team at the Performing Arts Centre are excited that students will be able to use the new studio in 2024.

Oliver Gilmour, Head of Performing Arts, shared how a new recording studio will ensure we are ‘Teaching For The Future’, one of the Trust Board’s key pillars. He says, “The ability to record our groups through an online platform will deliver strong educational opportunities for students to learn about the fundamental skills of recording. It will also allow us to create and broadcast on a YouTube channel.” 

Mike Young, Head of Co-Curricular Music who was pivotal in the implementation of the studio, shared, “We elected for a totally digital network for the recording process, after all this is how the world is going with musicians in different countries collaborating over the internet. The equipment we’ve selected is designed to prepare our students for this revolution that is taking place in the recording industry, where everything is digital, and nothing is analogue.”

We were fortunate to also have the music production expertise of parent, Joel Little. Joel is a renowned New Zealand record producer, musician and Grammy Award-winning songwriter. He kindly donated his time and reviewed the design plans before we commenced to build stage. 

From 2024, we’ll use the recording studio as part of our Year 9 Rock Programme, in the Year 10 Urban and Digital Programme, as well as within the St Cuthbert’s Year 11 Diploma – all of the students within this course will use the new recording studio. The urban and digital music course offers a rock band, songwriting as a group, digital re-mixing, learning how to incorporate audio skills such as EQ, composing raps within the Hip Hop genre and the creation of electronic dance music.

Digital Co-Lab Launch

On 17 August the opening of the new Digital Co-Labs at the 2023 Girls Innovate event was simply electric, with over 120 families in attendance to witness how St Cuthbert’s College is ‘Teaching For The Future’ with our Technology offering.

The newly created Digital Co-Labs were officially opened and parents and students alike engaged in a range of digital tools, enjoyed hands-on tech exploration and innovative game play including robotics, VR experiences, badge and lego making. In the Atrium a giant dance floor was well attended and in the Auditorium it was fantastic to see the energy coming from an esports tournament which was run for parents and students to compete in Rocket League teams of two.

The Technology Faculty run and support many creative clubs students can be part of. Parents and students alike learned so much about the clubs available and we look forward to seeing more students register with the clubs to grow their digital opportunities at St Cuthbert’s.